November 20, 2017

Cache Builder

Welcome to the MOGA 2018 Cache Builder Competition

The cache builder competition was started last year at MOGA 2017 and is a competition we plan to continue this year.

We are accepting 20 caches for the competition this year.  We have a few rules for the competition in the competition manual.  The primary things to keep in mind are that your cache needs to be something built as a cache container and not a prebuilt container that was purchased.  Previous MOGA Cache Builder Competition entries are not eligible to be entered again.  There will be one area in MOGA central setup with all of the caches setup for people to attempt to get into them and vote for their favorite.  Each cache will have a voting bucket next to it for people to place their vote.

Voting will be done by cash donation again this year.  The cache getting the most donations wins.  Competition medals will be awarded to the top three.

All cash donated will be donated to the local charity of MOGA 2018.