November 20, 2017


Nebraska hosts many different geoart that can range from just a few caches to a few hundred.   



A Series that came out in early 2016, talks about why Girls Rule.  All puzzles are easy to solve and the trail offers all kinds of hides.  


Nebraska Outline 

Geoart of 113 caches that are solved by a little research and being observant on the geocache pages.  The CO is more than willing to give hints on any puzzles that might stump you. 


Go Huskers 

Go Huskers as one of the first geoart installments in Nebraska.  It was the idea of 6 cachers from the Lincoln area and was published in May of 2013.  There are 308 caches in this trail.  There is a mixture of traditional’s, unknown’s, and multi’s.  The cache placements are on or around gravel roads in rural Lancaster County.



Just maybe something new coming.  Stay tuned to find out.