November 20, 2017


Q: When is the registration deadline?
A: Online Registration will open Dec 1st.  It will close Feb 15th 2018.

Q: Are pets allowed at MOGA?
A: The host hotel is pet friendly but due to conference area configurations only service animals are allowed in MOGA Central. 

Q: If husband and wife cache under one Geoname, how do they register?
A: You will each need to fill out a separate registration. You can put the same info on both registration cards or you can put your first names in one spot and the GeoName in another. But you need two registrations, two badges and two waivers. 

Q: I am trying to log in, but it says my account does not exist. What gives?
A: First try requesting a password reset. If that doesn’t work fill out the contact form and let us know so we can help you get logged in. 

Q: Why is there no Add to cart button on some items?
A: When purchasing some items like the T-Shirt and registration packages that include it, you must choose the style and size of the shirt before the add to cart button will display. 

Q: Why do I have to register and sign a waiver?
A: As part of MOGA’s agreement with the agencies who host us, we are required to have everyone sign a liability waiver. We need to know that you understand the dangers involved in running around in the woods and other activities and accept responsibility for yourself. In addition, having you register also helps us to plan for the numbers we will have, rather than just guessing. 

Q: How long are the competitions?
A: Both of the main competitions (individual and team) are 2.5 hours each.  Puzzle competitions and Friday night competition are 2 hours each.

Q: Can I enter more than one competition?
A: Yes and no. The individual and team competitions are at different times, so you could enter both. You cannot enter both the 2-person and 4-person team competitions, as they are at the same time and on the same course. 

Q: Do 2-person teams compete against 4 person teams?
A: No. 2-person teams and 4-person teams are competing for separate awards, they just share the same competition course. 

Q: Are there age brackets for the competitions?
A: Yes. In each of the competitions, there are four age brackets: under 30, 30-49, 50+. Individuals and teams will compete in their age brackets only. 

Q: Into what age bracket does my team fit?
A: For 2-person teams, we will use the average age for bracket placement. If 3 members of a 4-person team are in the same age bracket, that is where we will place the team. Otherwise, we will use the average age of the team. 

Q: Can we drive during the competition?
A: NO! 

Q: Can I pay by check?
A: Yes. During checkout, you may select the “Pay By Check” option. The specific conditions of payments by check are spelled out during the checkout process. We reserve the right to cancel pay-by-check orders and return the items to the inventory if checks are not received in a timely fashion. Any returned checks may result in additional fee 

Q: Do I have to create a PayPal account?
A: No. We use PayPal to process our payments, but you do not have to use or create a PayPal account to pay by credit card. Simply choose the PayPal option during checkout. When you are taken to the PayPal login, click the link to pay by credit card under the guest account. 

Q: How far will I have to hike?
A: If you want to find all 30 punches, plan for several miles of hiking/running! 

Q: What is a punch?
A: To score the competitions, we place orienteering punches in small containers on the competition courses. These are like plastic tweezers with steel pins that punch holes in your scorecard. It is proof that you visited an individual location. The punches are hidden in an area separate from the caches. 

Q: Can I just buy an award coin instead of competing for it?
A: No. The coins given as awards are bronze, silver, and gold. These coins cannot be purchased. Coins in the VIP packages are special, non-prize versions, that can only be obtained as a part of the VIP package. 

Q: What is the Nebraska weather like in late April?
A: This is the Midwest, so anything is possible. Generally, you can expect temperatures to be on the cool side, with a reasonable chance of precipitation. We will do our best to keep everyone apprised of the weather forecast as the event draws near. 

Q: What kind of terrain is around the competition course?
A: Competition course is being held at Pioneers Park, this is an public park, so you may be see non-competitors on the trails, we will utilize any of the hills available and the miles of trails in the area, also expect bushwhacking at times. 

Q: In the event I’m unable to attend will you ship me my purchased items ?
A: Yes! The swag items in the MOGA Store may be shipped to you if you cannot make it to MOGA. However, we will not ship any items until after the event. The store will calculate shipping costs for you. 

Q: Are there any celebrities coming to MOGA?
A: We can neither confirm nor deny any rumors of celebrity appearances at MOGA 2018 at this time! 

Q: Are store purchases refundable?
A: Yes, with certain restrictions. All refunds are subject to the approval of the MOGA Director. 

Q: When is the competition entry deadline?
A: Online competition registration will close in conjunction with the close of online registration. Online registration is $5.00.  You will be able to register for all events at MOGA Central from 5pm to 8pm on Friday April 13, 2018.

Q: Will you be trading raffle tickets for can food donation?
A: YES! We will absolutely be trading food for tickets. The canned food drive is an integral part of MOGA for local food pantries! You will receive one raffle ticket for each donated non-perishable food item 

Any further questions can be directed to the event staff by email: